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Due to the recent south park debacle...
Understandably, its only the most backwards and brain-damaged muslims that think terror is a good tool to get your way. These people shouldn't be hated, they should be pitied- think of the pathetic existence they must live to be this way.

No, the thing that pisses me off is when threats and acts of terrorism work. Comedy Central recently succumbed to such recently, by editing a south park episode that featured Mohammad.

This is a travesty, because the small-minded, bigoted idgets who masturbate to the fantasy of Mohammad screwing children and committing genocide won.

Below the fold for those who read at work

Fuck you, Comedy Central; fuck you, Islam Extremists, fuck you and your infantile piss-bag of a prophet with a nice thick dog cock.

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On the bright side, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show directly told the RevolutionMuslim group to "Go Fuck Yourself" on air, live, and in song. :)

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