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(no subject)
This month:

My summer classes are wrapped up and over. I now have 3 weeks before fall classes.

I checked my financial aid awards for the fall and spring semesters, I'll be getting 3500 dollar per semester in grants. :-) Pell Grant and Commonwealth Grant.

I bought a bluetooth headset for my cellphone, and a voice recorder for my classes. Yay!

My GPA is still a 4.00/4 :D!

I'm registered for classes. I'll be taking Psychology 1, Calculus 1, Computer Science 1, College English for a total of 13 credits.

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Yay! You are awesome!! *hugs tightly* Oohh..maybe we can talk more now that you are on break?? ;D

I hope so! We have to catch each other online first though. :D

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