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So I had an interesting dream.

I was a female agent for a high-level AI that runs a casino/movie theatre. Don't ask me why a casino/movie theater might need special ops, but I imagine it had less to do with film flicks and more with the dark belly of society. In any case, I was heavily cybernetically modified, having millions of microscopic startrek-style replicators infused into my body. This allowed me to transform my shape, changing the positioning of every cell and the makeup of every strand of DNA in my body to any of a number of predefined forms stored in my implanted computer. My boss (who was never actually named in the dream. :D) was very powerful and very wealthy. He possessed several avatars and drones he could control throughout the premise of his business including a large, hulking machine similar to the golems in the original startrek movie, and the size of a horse.

The dream itself was confined to the casino/movie theatre premise, and involved him chasing me around throughout it in what was effectively a cat-and-mouse chase. There was a sexual thrill to the whole thing, and his interest in me was less than wholesome though not necessarily sexual. The entire thing involved such things as smoke clouds to run away, jumping 4 or 5 stories down and turning into a bird, hiding in lockers, skulking through movie theatres, and hiding under casino tables. In the end the whole ordeal supposedly lasted a day, and at the end I claimed refuge in the safe-house, which was ironically the bathrooms.

The bathrooms were huge! They were two stories, with a kiosk for items like shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. Couches, showers, and baths. I took a shower, bought a toothbrush, etc. He popped in, so I chewed him out about our agreement and him not being able to touch me here, so he left to the shocked looks of everyone in the room, and then sleep! I woke up the next morning and found he had left me some gift items, a collar and a bottle of body and hair wash. I had already taken a bath that night, but being a good girl I decided to use his gift, but had a terrible time finding a shower. People had formed cliques and claimed some showers as off limits while others just wouldn't work. I eventually fell off the 2nd floor into a lower shower that was filled with dirty clothes @_@ and came out smelling stale so I gave up and took a bath instead. I put on the collar and went up to his pent-house suite to meet him.

In the penthouse he had the form of a powerful dragon, and claimed he had captured me. I stated otherwise and so he explained that the bath n shower gel was a mutagenic, marking my scent with his own ( @_@ ) as well as producing a natural aphrodesiac, while the collar acted to intercept and generate the control signals to my shapeshifter implants, effectively allowing him to control my shapeshifting power. The dream ended with his wings enveloping me, and becoming his pet. Then my alarm went off and I had to get up for work.

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Happy pets are the best. :-)

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