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New Project!
I've started a project here on LJ, dunno how long it'll last so we'll see. It's at: http://carawayaway.livejournal.com/

Due to the recent south park debacle...
Understandably, its only the most backwards and brain-damaged muslims that think terror is a good tool to get your way. These people shouldn't be hated, they should be pitied- think of the pathetic existence they must live to be this way.

No, the thing that pisses me off is when threats and acts of terrorism work. Comedy Central recently succumbed to such recently, by editing a south park episode that featured Mohammad.

This is a travesty, because the small-minded, bigoted idgets who masturbate to the fantasy of Mohammad screwing children and committing genocide won.

Below the fold for those who read at work
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Kinky Santa has a pointy lap...
I just entered this contest: http://fetlife.com/sit_on_santas_lap

To maybe win one of these prizes:

None of these links are safe for work. :-) Naturally.

Doing my part to expose a moron for what he is...
So, a greek orthodox priest from Greece doesn't speak great english. He's doing his master's thesis in the US, gets lost driving his car, and stops to ask for directions in downtown Tampa. What's the logical conclusion someone should draw from this fellow trying to get help? How about...


That's right, everyone knows when a foreigner utters the word 'help' what they actually mean is 'give me gay sex before I blow you up for holy Allah.' and the proper response is to hit them with a tire iron over the head, chase them down, detain them, and call 911. Step in, mighty Bruce, a marine in the US reserves who did just that:



Woops, I guess that gay panic defense was just a lie:


What kind of MLP should I be?
So things are progressing on my becoming a RL MLP. (pony play+childhood raping. I'll end up being a toy for a Domme who also likes to play a little girl in ageplay.) Once it finally goes through I'll either enjoy the experience or not, and if I enjoy the experience I'm thinking of building an actual role-play persona around it.

To that end, I need to think about what kind of my little pony I'd want to be. Bondage symbols such as rope, handcuffs, etc are over-used, and I want to avoid something that's an existing MLP, so suggestions are welcome!

Right now I'm thinking of being an MLP named 'lipstick' with my rump symbol being an open tube of lipstick with a little bit of the red showing.

Chasers: War on Everything is stupidly funny.

(no subject)
This month:

My summer classes are wrapped up and over. I now have 3 weeks before fall classes.

I checked my financial aid awards for the fall and spring semesters, I'll be getting 3500 dollar per semester in grants. :-) Pell Grant and Commonwealth Grant.

I bought a bluetooth headset for my cellphone, and a voice recorder for my classes. Yay!

My GPA is still a 4.00/4 :D!

I'm registered for classes. I'll be taking Psychology 1, Calculus 1, Computer Science 1, College English for a total of 13 credits.

So I had an interesting dream.

I was a female agent for a high-level AI that runs a casino/movie theatre. Don't ask me why a casino/movie theater might need special ops, but I imagine it had less to do with film flicks and more with the dark belly of society. In any case, I was heavily cybernetically modified, having millions of microscopic startrek-style replicators infused into my body. This allowed me to transform my shape, changing the positioning of every cell and the makeup of every strand of DNA in my body to any of a number of predefined forms stored in my implanted computer. My boss (who was never actually named in the dream. :D) was very powerful and very wealthy. He possessed several avatars and drones he could control throughout the premise of his business including a large, hulking machine similar to the golems in the original startrek movie, and the size of a horse.

The dream itself was confined to the casino/movie theatre premise, and involved him chasing me around throughout it in what was effectively a cat-and-mouse chase. There was a sexual thrill to the whole thing, and his interest in me was less than wholesome though not necessarily sexual. The entire thing involved such things as smoke clouds to run away, jumping 4 or 5 stories down and turning into a bird, hiding in lockers, skulking through movie theatres, and hiding under casino tables. In the end the whole ordeal supposedly lasted a day, and at the end I claimed refuge in the safe-house, which was ironically the bathrooms.

The bathrooms were huge! They were two stories, with a kiosk for items like shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. Couches, showers, and baths. I took a shower, bought a toothbrush, etc. He popped in, so I chewed him out about our agreement and him not being able to touch me here, so he left to the shocked looks of everyone in the room, and then sleep! I woke up the next morning and found he had left me some gift items, a collar and a bottle of body and hair wash. I had already taken a bath that night, but being a good girl I decided to use his gift, but had a terrible time finding a shower. People had formed cliques and claimed some showers as off limits while others just wouldn't work. I eventually fell off the 2nd floor into a lower shower that was filled with dirty clothes @_@ and came out smelling stale so I gave up and took a bath instead. I put on the collar and went up to his pent-house suite to meet him.

In the penthouse he had the form of a powerful dragon, and claimed he had captured me. I stated otherwise and so he explained that the bath n shower gel was a mutagenic, marking my scent with his own ( @_@ ) as well as producing a natural aphrodesiac, while the collar acted to intercept and generate the control signals to my shapeshifter implants, effectively allowing him to control my shapeshifting power. The dream ended with his wings enveloping me, and becoming his pet. Then my alarm went off and I had to get up for work.

Glenn Beck agrees that the US should be attacked again by Osama Bin Laden.

"The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States"

What a low life dipshit.

This is posted in the hopes that this rightwingnuttery, this batshit insanity, these warmongering, partisan, sick freaks who lust over death, inhalation, apocalypse, and some idealized christian version of DEATH TO THE INFIDELS get the publicity their sick, twisted, and deranged beliefs deserve.

A warning to anyone going to or living in Maine.
The anti-gay movement has a history of being very deceptive when it comes to gathering signatures and votes. Prop-8 was riddled with a path of lies and deceit, and now the bigots are doing the same in Maine. http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2009/06/23/12410

Anyone living in or going to Maine, I urge you to be very wary of anyone collecting signatures for any reason. These people will use a variety of bait tactics- lying about it's stated purpose (To protect the children, to defend gay rights, etc), bait and switch tactics where you're told it's something absolutely different than it is, outright fraudulence where your sign something else and have your siggy used for this bill, etc. These people are despicable, immoral, evil bastards.